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Trimming weldment members

Question asked by Adsflkjg Kjhfg on Mar 13, 2014

So quite often when I go to trim structural members, Solidworks has some funny ideas about which parts I want to keep/discard, which necessitates me individually going over about a million keep/discard labels to choose which parts I want. And the worst part is that for some reason when I click on the first label they all jump into a giant clump to one side! What the hell?


Adding members one at a time (i.e. select a member, select which sections I want, select another member... etc) doesn't work because adding a member throws all the labels into disarray and quite often changes the keep/discard settings that I've already set. Even a relatively small number of members is pretty cumbersome to work with. Is there any way to do this better?