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    View Poisition issue

    Hersh Sridhar Iyer



      I am querying view locations in order to modify it at a later point. The API documentation says that the Position Property - "

      Gets and sets the X and Y location of the drawing view origin with respect to the drawing sheet origin."

      When I run the macro provided with the api to query for view locations, I get negative co-ordinates too. Is this possible? Is the sheet origin not at the lower Left corner?


      Also, when I set the location of a view to (0,0), it is set way below the drawing and not at the lower left.


      Please advise.




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          Hersh Sridhar Iyer

          Here is the code I use to set the position to (0,0) for the second view.

          The result of doing so is seen in the attached drawing.


          Dim swApp As Object

          Option Explicit


          Sub main()


          Set swApp = Application.SldWorks



              Dim swModel                     As SldWorks.ModelDoc2


              Dim swDraw                      As SldWorks.DrawingDoc


              Dim swView                      As SldWorks.View


              Dim vPos()                      As Variant


              Dim nNumView                    As Long


              Dim bRet                        As Boolean


              Set swApp = CreateObject("SldWorks.Application")


              Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc


              Set swDraw = swModel


              nNumView = 0


              Set swView = swDraw.GetFirstView


              Do While Not swView Is Nothing


                  ReDim Preserve vOutline(nNumView)


                  ReDim Preserve vPos(nNumView)


                  vOutline(nNumView) = swView.GetOutline


                  vPos(nNumView) = swView.Position


                  Debug.Print "View = " + swView.GetName2


                  Debug.Print "  Pos = (" & vPos(nNumView)(0) & ", " & vPos(nNumView)(1) & ") mm"


                  If nNumView = 2 Then

                      vPos(0) = 0

                      vPos(1) = 0

                      swView.Position = vPos

                      Exit Do

                  End If


                  nNumView = nNumView + 1


                   Set swView = swView.GetNextView




          End Sub

            • Re: View Poisition issue
              Daniel Seaman

              Hello Hersh,

              The problem you are seeing with then drawing you posted to the forum is that the Position of the detail view is outside of its Outline by some distance.


              If we calculate the centre of the Outline and compare it to the Position it becomes clear why the detail view is moved off the sheet:


              Drawing View1X or X MinY or Y minX maxY max
              Outline Centre0.4019370.358226


              Detail View BX or X MinY or Y minX maxY max
              Outline Centre0.3592950.134110


              Notice that the Position of DrawingView1 is located at the centre of its Outline while the Position of Detail View B is above and right of the outline.


              This is because the Position of Detail View B is in the same location relative to the geometry shown as the Position of is parent view once you take the different scales into account (20:5).


              To compensate for this you need calculate the offset from the view Position to the Outline centre and apply that to your new position.


              Applying this to your macro code would result in something like this:


              Sub main()


                      If nNumView = 2 Then
                          ' Calculate centre of outline
                          Dim dViewCentre(0 To 1) As Double
                          dViewCentre(0) = vOutline(2)(0) + (vOutline(2)(2) - vOutline(2)(0)) / 2
                          dViewCentre(1) = vOutline(2)(1) + (vOutline(2)(3) - vOutline(2)(1)) / 2
                          ' Calculate offset from position to centre
                          Dim dPositionOffset(0 To 1) As Double
                          dPositionOffset(0) = vPos(2)(0) - dViewCentre(0)
                          dPositionOffset(1) = vPos(2)(1) - dViewCentre(1)
                          ' Define the location you want the view centred on.
                          Dim requiredViewCentre(0 To 1) As Double
                          requiredViewCentre(0) = 0  ' X distance from bottom left in metres
                          requiredViewCentre(1) = 0 ' Y distance from bottom left in metres
                          ' Apply the offset to determine the new position
                          Dim dNewPos(0 To 1) As Double
                          dNewPos(0) = requiredViewCentre(0) + dPositionOffset(0)
                          dNewPos(1) = requiredViewCentre(1) + dPositionOffset(1)
                          swView.Position = dNewPos

                          Exit Do

                      End If


              End Sub


              Best regards,

              Dan Seaman

              SW API Support