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    3D image

    Vimla Pwr

      I want  color 3D image which is to be used in powerpoint presentation. I tried File- save as - jpeg or tiff. But the quality of image is not coming good. please help.

      I know photoview 360 where i made the image and but the colors becomes lighter than the actual applied. i dont want to apply metal appearance.

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          Ian Worrall

          You need to tweak the quality settings under Tools / Drawing Options before saving your jpg or tiff.

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            Sandip Darveshi

            I dont feel any rendering software may provide you 3D image, You need  to do some stuff after to make it appear as 3D. Can you upload the  model of which 3D image you are interested in.

            And you might actually interested in 2D isometric image only.

            You can bring little realistic effect with the help of perspective view and its rendering, may give you a 3D effect.

            You can see the image I attached here. I hope it appears more like 3D in normal viewing.

            Else for 3D images, you either need Monitor or as you are going to prepare presentation, so project which supports 3D viewing. (It will include Shutter Glasses or Anaglyph Glasses use.)




            Sandip Darveshi.