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Benchmark results - my computer is SLOW

Question asked by Steve Krause on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2019 by Jofeh Bajee

I have a Dell M6400 laptop i7-2760QM CPU 2.4GHz with 8Gig of RAM and a M1000 Quadro card. The computer is logged into the company domain and takes a few minutes to boot Windows 7 64 because it is loaded with a lot of company security and networking stuff.


My computer seems really slow in solidworks (and maybe other things too, although browsing doesn't tax the resources like CAD so I can't always tell in the other apps.)


I have run the Solidworks benchmarks and get very bad scores compared to equivalent computers listed on the Solidworks results page.  My computer processor time for the CPU test is 220 secs, while other equivalent computers are 48 secs.   My graphics score is 88, others are 21.  My IO is 129, others are 44. 


I have a fresh install of Windows.  Is it possible that I have a hardware problem on the laptop or is the slow scores because the computer is being interupted by all the company stuff running in the background?


STeve Krause