Mark Benzie

PDMWorks Server Upgrade

Discussion created by Mark Benzie on Jan 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2007 by Joy Garon
We upgraded our Server for PDMWorks this past weekend.  Thenew server has a different name (don't know if this has anything todo with it or not).  Apparently we didn't do enough testingbefore pulling the switch.  

We are having several issues with different types of files (i.e.drawings with embedded excel sheets) when you are logged in thevault.  Log out of PDM and the issues go away.  Also,searches and check-ins take for ever!  It is almost like it islooking to verify something on the old server (just a guess)???

Has anyone else had any issues?  Seems like this should havebeen straight forward based on the homework we thought we did priorto copying all the files.