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Trying to create FOS sensor for selected entities

Question asked by Chester Tate on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by Jared Conway

I have ran a simulation study on a composite panel structure assembly. I am trying to do the following:


1) run a design study to optimize the panel thickness.

2) create a sensor for FOS using the simulation data.


My problem is that I am unable to select any entities when choosing "Max. over Selected Entities" under "Properties".


Sensor Type: Simulation Data

Data Quantity: FOS

Properties: Max. over Seleceted Entities


The help file description (Defining a Simulation Data Sensor) indicates that when the Variable "Max. over Selected entites" is chosen, you get the "Maximum algebraic value over selected entities defined in the Components, Bodies, Faces, Edges or Vertices box. Where is this BOX?


I have tried selecting a body in the graphics area by clicking on the graphic, and by clicking on the design tree items. When I click the green checkmark to create the sensor, I get the following error message, or pop-up message:


"Select Components, Bodies, Faces, Edges, or Vertices!"


I try selecting anything and everthing. But I get the same message. I would expect a colored selection box to show up, similar to when selecting entities using other functions of SolidWorks.


Am I missing something? Like a graphical box? Or is it the concept?