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Ballooning subassemblies within a drawing?

Question asked by Joe Ruhland on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by Joe Ruhland

I have a large hydraulic assembly that I base my drawing on.  I typically hide the components and simply use a model view of each individual component in a 2D page with simple lines connecting the components.  I can change the property manager of each view to refrence the BOM of the inital assembly (which is hidden).  If I bollon the drawing views that are basic parts, the balloon recognizes this and refrences the BOM.  But if I try to balloon an assembly that was part of the hidden assembly, it does not recognize this as part of the BOM.  Is there any way to force the balloon to recognize that this is an assembly?  I have been manually overriding the balloons on the assembly pieces, but then when a change is made, they do not automatically update so needless to say, some have been missed in the past.  Thanks