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Material affecting display state

Question asked by Mark Olsen on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Mark Olsen

I am continually annoyed by a workflow in Solidworks.  This may be inherent in SW, or it may be me.  Create a part.  Add a material.  Change the color of the part.  Set displays states to be unlinked to configurations.  Now suppose that you want another configuration with the same material and modified color.  Add a configuration.  A window pops up stating that the appearance for the material is different than the existing appearance.  SW wants to then link the display state to the configuration.  If I let SW link the display state to the configuration, I get a bunch of display states (one per configuration), all with the material appearance, with the exception of the default, which contains your part color.  I then unlink the display states and configurations, go back to the default display state, and then delete all the unnecessary display states.  I now have the part color and material as I want them.  Or I can tell SW not to link them, and the custom color is deleted and I have to go back and reset it.  Either way is extra work that shouldn't be needed, and worse yet, will have to be repeated if I decide later to add another configuration.


This is a very messy workflow that I can't seem to find a way around.  Any ideas?