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Solidworks 2014 Viewer doesn't open some SW drawings from EPDM

Question asked by Chris Bassett on Mar 11, 2014

We are using EPDM 2014 SP1.0 with the latest version of Solidworks Viewer (2014). 


We are having an issue that certain files in EPDM don't open in Solidworks viewer when you double-click on them.  These are drawing files so they should be able to open in the viewer.  I have the file associations on the computer (which is running Windows 7 Pro by the way) set to the open SLDDRW files with the Viewer.


It only happens to some files but not all of them.  Some of our files are in the 2013 file format, and some are in the 2014 format, but I wouldn't think this would be an issue and the the 2014 version of the SW viewer would be able ot open both versions.  When I open them with Solidworks, they are fine.  But not everyone in our company has Solidworks on their workstation to do that.


Any ideas or suggestions?