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Buckling analysis: Buckling Load Factor, factor of safety and design buckling load?

Question asked by Philip Eddy Eriksen on Mar 11, 2014
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I`m doing a buckling analysis on a "simply-supported" pinned-end solid beam  (IPE-profil) with high slenderness ratio and with a

concentraded/stationary load on the middle on top of the topflange. The topflange is retained against rotation about the

x-axis (the beams neutral axis).  The results from the simulation then show buckling of the web. The load is 1 N, so the critical buckling load

will be 1 N multiplied with the BLF if I understanded this correctly?


The main question:

The critical buckling load is based on Euler`s theory and elastic behavior, right?

How do I decide the factor of safety in witch im searching for the design buckling load?


I have read that a safety factor of 4 is a good estimate, but how is this number determined?