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    View part Description before opening

    Jody Holm

      When opening a part you used to be able to view what you have inputed as a part description by selecting the part (1 click) in  "open" the menu. The description would then occupy the space above the file name in the "open" window. This was very usefull but now it is gone. Is there something that can be turned on to get this feature back? I know that "sometimes" when you put your mouse over the file name you get the description, but it always lags and doesn't always work. It was sure nice to highlight the first part in your folder and arrow down and be able to see your descriptions as fast as you could hit the arrow key.

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          Andy Sanders

          I'm not sure if I've ever seen what you're talking about in the Open box.


          But you can get much more info than that if you use Solidworks Explorer.


          Open the folder you're looking thru and pick the "Properties" tab.  It will display all the properties set up in the file in the info field.


          You can open the models directly from there, kind of like using SWEX as your front end.


          I do that quite a bit when I'm going about renaming files within.


          Just a thought...

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              Jody Holm

              Hello Andy,


              I just tried Solidworks explorer for the first time in about 3 years. It'll probably be another 3 years before I try it again just because of the fact that the <-   -> arrows don't work. No real time saver there. However, that is similar to the display that used to happen automatically while in the basic SW interface when opening a file. I think this handy feature was taken away from us in SW 2012 or 2013.


              Thanks for the reply!

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              Jamie Costa

              Hi Jody,


              Just checking in to see if you ever made progress with this issue?. I experience the same problem on a daily basis and it drives me nuts.


              From what I can tell, it appears to be Windows related.  I mean, I had been running SW2010 on an XP machine and this feature was available, but when I upgraded to new hardware that used Win7, it disappeared.


              I'm now on SW2014 and still have the same issue.  Big time waste, indeed.


              Curious to see if anyone can resolve this.



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                Kevin Pymm



                I am using SW 2014 with Win 7 64 bit. I have my mouse set to one click for opening files & programs & if I hover my cursor over a SolidWorks file I get the Description along with some other info appear in a tool tip box before clicking to open the file.


                This also works in Windows Explorer, not just a SolidWorks "Open" window.

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                    Jody Holm

                    Hello Kevin,


                    Yep this works, but mine seems to lag for a few seconds when it does work. It used to be instant, just select the top file and you could arrow down as fast as you wanted and your discription would appear just as fast. I'm numb to it now and pretty much just look in the dislpay window to see if I'm opening the correct part.