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Yield Strenght the same? How to read simulation results properly

Question asked by Wessel Den Helder on Mar 11, 2014
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Its my 1st post here, hi . I am a productdeveloping student and i've a problem with reading the simulation results.

I am using structural steel (DIN) S235, S275, S355 and so on, to optimalize a metal structure.

I am focussing on the given yield strength of the materials to check if its going to widthstand the force.


After some studies i mentioned that the yield strenght of all those materials are the same, 275MPa.

S235 should be 235 MPa right? and S275 > 275MPa.


I am confused now and do not know if my results are still trustworthy.


Only the tensile strength changes with the materials.


Is this normal or should I chance material settings?

Can I still use the results?


Thanks in advance.