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    equation help

    Kenneth Marah

      I need help writing an equation, I am trying to write an equation that when used all I will need to change is D1@sketch1 and the wire will update along with the proper spacing needed.  the spacing between the wires can not exceed 1.5" and the spacing at dimensions RD1 and RD2 will never exceed 1.5".   the dimension for D1@sketch1 will only increase by 0.5 inches. when increasing this dimension manually there is a pattern for RD1 and RD2  of 1.000, 1.250, 1.500 then back to 1.000.  I am trying to incorporate this into driveworksxpress and have done so successfully but still have to input the proper RD1 dimension. the end goal is to be able to only have to state the width of the item and all will change accordingly.  the company I work for, we make the something just in different widths. this is the only thing holding me back from fully incorporating driveworksxpress to create drawings and models for our product.


      if the width of the picture below was to change from 16.5 to 17.5, D1@sketch14 would remain the same and RD1 and RD2 would change to 1.500 so on and so forth.


      if anyone could help us out, I would greatly appreciate it


      Thank youWIRE SPACE.JPG

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          Kenneth Marah

          just in case anyone was wondering, I have found the answer to my question. as follows.  the roundup() function cannot be used in this section of solidworks, however I was able to find a previous post regarding roundup() and a work around.......which so far seems to work perfectly.






          equation tab.JPG