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    Sketch Entities

    Todd Oeftger

      I made a mistake in sketching entities all on one sketch plane, when I need them on a plane above. I used construction lines. I thought I could see them on the first plane and draw the objects I need on the second sketch plane. How can I transfer them to the correct plane? or How can I make the construction lines stay visable and refference them? The first plane is a simple extruded base plate, while the second has two posts extruded above the plane.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          You should be able to click on the earlier sketch in the tree and then click the eyeglasses icon.  That will make all of that sketch visible, not just the construction lines.  Then, when you start your new sketch on the other surface or plane, use the Convert Entities tool to duplicate the construction lines to the second sketch, then click on them to highlight them and un-check the box for "Construction" in the PropertyManager.


          And after re-reading your post I'm not real clear on something.  If you need to keep some of the sketch on the current plane, then use the method I described.  If you want to move the whole thing you can click on it in the tree and choose the "Edit Sketch Plane" icon, then choose the new plane or surface.