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    Using SW for designing packaging

    Mark Wilson

      Greetings All,

      I was wondering if SW can be used to determine how many parts can be packed in a given sized carton. The parts will be models, but most of the time they're bulk packed. That means they're just dumped into a box in a random manner, and not laid out in order. Ideally, I'd like to make up a library of the carton sizes that we stock. That's the easy part. Can SW simulate a bunch of modeled parts (all of which are the same) randomly falling into a carton so I can determine how many will fit? TIA, Mark

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          Jeff Holliday

          This has been asked a few years ago and the basic answer was that it is not possible. You can certainly use the mass properties (volume, etc) to find how many would fit in a stacked master carton, but I don't know how you could account for lost space caused by tilted boxes. It becomes even worse if you are just putting odd-shaped parts into the carton.

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            Kevin Pymm



            The only way I know of is to export your Solidworks part & take it into Blender which is free modelling software. You'd need to read up on some tutorials but I believe it can be done by makeing your part a particle & dropping them into a container.