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EPDM - Capturing the data selected in a dynamic selection list.

Question asked by Cameron Allard on Mar 8, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2014 by Jeff Sweeney

There has been some good discussion on notifications, and specifically "Delayed in State" notifications.


I have ours set to notify me when documents have been stagnant for 4 days, and then me and the Engineering Manager at 8 days, and then me, the Eng. Manager, and the Ops Manager at 16 days.  This has worked wonders with keeping most of our engineers from camping on drawing packages.


However; in some cases I need to know which project engineer one of my Designers sent the document to for approval.  They can select any engineer in the Engineering group.  That group is used to generate the dynamic selection list within the state change notification window.


Is there a way to capture the user name that is selected by the Designer during the state change?



Maybe Jeff "The Disturbed One" Sweeney can dig up an answer for this one.  I can't find anything in the docs.