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    To calculate the Nominal Diameter

    Sam Sayegh

      Hello, I need your help in how to use this equation to calculate the Nominal diameter of Aluminum Alloy Rod


      D= Square root of (4F/pi*UTS)


      UTS Ultimate Tensile Strength = 73.4 ksi


      YTS Yeild Tensile Strength = 68.7 Ksi


      F=TBD FLB



      Is it missing a number? do I need to use the Ultimate or the yield tensile strength? simply I couldnt get any right dimension...



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          Jerry Steiger



          Where did you get this equation from? What are you trying to do?


          Since the equation says UTS, it would appear that you need to use the Ultimate Tensile Strength.


          I am guessing that TBD FLB means To Be Determined and Force in Pounds. So you need to pick a force and use that to calculate the diameter.


          Jerry S.