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    Shortcut for Inserting DXF?

    Anarachnic Lee

      Hi, all,


      This is my first post—just now joined this forum so that I could have a chance to ask about something that would greatly accelerate my workflow.  In short:


      How could I quickly insert a DXF?


      My workflow is thus:

      • Create a vector of an orthographic projection in Illustrator
      • Import (or, "Insert") the DXF into SolidWorks
      • Align a point of the new sketch to the origin


      Since I usually don't get the vector right on the first try, I usually have to create between tens and hundreds of DXFs.  Importing and aligning them has been cumbersome.  I managed to get Align as a button on a visible toolbar, but I don't see any such option for inserting DXFs.  Any advice would be much appreciated.