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    Can create but cannot run C# macros under MSVS-2010

    Ramon F. Herrera

      (Newbie alert...)


      I have been trying to record the simplest C# macro, compile it and run. The problem is that the generated MSVS Solution is version 2008 (V9).


      When I attempt to run it with my MSVS-2010 IDE, I get the error message below. I cannot even change the .NET Framework because the project fails to load.







      Your project is targeting .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0. If your project uses assemblies requiring a newer .NET Framework, your project will fail to build. You can change the .NET Framework version by clicking Properties on the project menu and then selecting a new version in the '.NET Framework' dropdown box. (In Visual Basic, this is located on the Compile tab by clicking the 'Advanced Compiler Options...' button.)
      The application for the project is not installed.