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SNL on Win 7

Question asked by Rose Spano on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Nick Grisco

Hi All,

We purchased version 2014. With 2013, we where accessing the SNL on our Win 2003 server.  However, the 2014 SNL is incompatiable with Win 2003 server.  I then installed the 2014 SNL on a users Win 7 machine and transferred the old licesnse off the server and unto the users Win 7 machine.  It shows license manager service as started and running. I installed 2014 on her machine and works fine.  The problem is when I load 2014 on ANOTHER machine, I point to her 25734@user_PC, but the license cannot be found.  I can ping the Win 7 machine, but cannot attach to the license manager.  Anyone have any suggestions?  The user account control settings on the machines are set to low and they are admin on their machines.