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Error on Check-in

Question asked by Ken Wong on Mar 7, 2014

Hi all,


Anyone know what these errors mean in Solidworks Workgroup PDM 2010, SP5.0?


Failed on check in of document "c\xxx\xxxx.SLDPRT" to disk.
Check in aborted!




I get this error only when I check in a drawing document that has the part opened as well. If the part is closed and the drawing document associated with the part is only open, I am able to check in smoothly. As soon as I have the part opened associated with the drawing, the error prompts and I am unable to check in a document.


It happens when when attempting to check in a document that doesn't exist in the vault as well as when attempting to check in new revisions of documents that exist. I have checked to make sure that the revisions/lifecycles match what is allowed and that I have ownership of the documents I am trying to check in.


I can rename, change project, etc.I tried other files, and it gives me errors too.


To lay some groundwork, I recently had to re-boot my pc complete clean and re-install solidworks. Sill this error occur..


As always, any help is much appreciated.