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    Lofted Surface Does Not Follow Profile Curves

    Wayne Watkins

      I'm having an issue with creating a lofted surface between two bodies that I'd like to use to trim a third body. I'm using tangent edges on the outer bodies for my profile curves, but the resultant surface clearly doesn't follow the curves. Creating sketches with those edges converted to curves doesn't help. This presents a problem, as I need the middle body to have the same end profiles as the outer ones. I've also tried using boundary and filled surfaces, but nothing seems to follow the curves I'm looking for.


      Thanks in advance,


      Three bodies.jpg

      Lofted Surface Profiles and Preview.jpg

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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm really not at all sure what you are trying to do, so this is just some very general advice. Boundary Surfaces usually do a better job of following the boundaries than Lofts do. Boundaries and Lofts work best on four sided surfaces. Use Fill Surface for three sided surfaces.


          Jerry S.

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              Wayne Watkins


              I may not have been very clear, and I'm sorry.  I'm usually able to figure things out on my own, and by the time I resort to asking for help, I think I'm so frustrated that I don't take the time to explain myself very well.


              We received an assembly in STEP format from our customer. Many of the parts are correctly modeled, except for this, which is two sheetmetal triangles, a solid representing aluminum honeycomb, and a skin wrapping around like a taco shell, all of which came in as a single solid. I was able to remove the skin and split the trianglular bits into separate bodies, but the honeycomb core had some excess material to be trimmed from its entire length, on the top and bottom, so that each end profile matched the triangles, which are each slightly different.


              Since the tangent edges of the bends should be the highest and lowest parts of the shapes I'm concerned about, I'm trying to make a surface between each triangle that connects the upper tangent edges of one to the corresponding edges of the other, followed by trimming the core with the resultant surface.  My problem comes from the fact that my surface does not follow the edges I'm using and too much core is trimmed away so that it now sits below the end pieces.