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Electrical Routing Shows Only Sketch (But No Wires)

Question asked by John Henrie on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by Marek Andrzejak

I have an assembly in which I start a new electrical routing subassembly by clicking "Start at Point."  I then click "Add Point" to add three more C points.  After this, I click "Auto Route" and make the path that I want.  SolidWorks add the splines properly and I can see the wires correctly in the assembly when I am in the "Edit Route" mode.  However, if I click the "Exit Sketch" icon or if I click "Edit Component" (to leave the editing mode for the routing assembly), I can no longer see the sweeps showing the wires.  They simply disappear, and all that is shown are the lines for the 3D sketch where the wires are supposed to be.


I can't find any way to bring them back.  Any ideas what I can do?