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Question asked by Marc Angiollo on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2014 by Jared Conway

hi everyone,


so I have a class project that is requiring what seems to me to be a pretty advanced finite element analysis using solidworks simulation. we are trying to see the forces present on a V style snowplow while it is in the V shape, scoop shape, and the traditional flat plow configuration. I'm having trouble getting the program to mesh my parts, and everytime it seems i get a fix on the problem part it just moves onto another part that is failing. I am going to upload the assembly of the plow in case anyone can help me trouble shoot on their own software, or if you have some common troubleshooting tips for a simulation on an assembly with upwards of 75 individual parts that would also be greatly helpful. any kind of help really would be appreciated.


here are the test conditions; we are fixing the back plate of the plow onto a tractor, and we will be applying 18000lbs of force over the entire surface of the plow.