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Need help with a large simulation, so far everything has failed

Question asked by Bart Patrzalek on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello all,


I'm working on a large static simulation and have encountered problems everywhere along the way. The model in question is a super long trailer (200ft) which is essentialy a box beam with a 5th wheel style hitch at the front. To simplify the geometry I have removed all of the small features and replaced the axles and suspension with simple fixtures that support the structure at the points where the suspension would normally mount. I have also added a "ground" structure that supports the hitch at the correct 5th wheel height and is where the tires would touch the ground. The whole thing has quite a lot of camber to it so it is constrained at the front as a coincident constraint of one of the edges to the ground and same type of constraint to one of the rear "axles" since everything else is in the air due to the camber. I have had additional errors with meshing but it seems like switching to a curvature mesh and smaller element size has solved the problem. Also the last time I run the solver it has encountered numerical difficulties and quit. What is the best way to proceed with something like that to determine the gravity loading and later on add another external load? And does anyone know of good tutorials for simulating large assemblies? Everything I can find online is either for single components or very simple assemblies.

Thanks you



In the attached screenshot the black thing on the bottom is my ground fixture not a shadow.