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    Simulation of a bicycle rim

    Heitor Andrade

      I am trying to simulate a static load on a bicycle rim, image bellow, by aplying the load directly on the rim with nonuniform distribution with cylindrical coordinates as to obey the equation P=F*sin(theta). I've seen that in cylindrical coordinate the y variable becomes theta, but cant understand how to use sine function on the equations.Untitled.jpg


      thanks for the help

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          Justin Strempke



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          If you want sine loading vs. theta, you could use bearing loading.  Downside of that is it would assume 0 force at 0 and 180-deg (horizontal in your case), and chop off the unused portions.  Essentially from your pic, your force F might start at 3/4F at the far edges of your applied area, instead of ramping from zero at the edge to F at the middle/bottom. 


          Values input for non-uniform distribution are only coefficients (but with units), cannot be equation based or linked.  Having not done it personally, I'd think you could put your CSYS at the lowest part of your curve, then use x and y^2 to plot a parabolic curve as an approximation.

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            Jared Conway

            you cannot enter functions into the boxes, just values

            also even though you have selected an axis, i do not believe that changes the equation to cylindrical for non uniform pressure distribution