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    Problem Creating Bevel Gear.

    Samson Ade

      Hi guys. I have been working with Solidworks for about a year now but I’m having issues with designing the bevel gears pictured below.


      The primary gear (in Pic. 2) is the drive gear (connected to a motor). I designed this using the gear generation tool in solidworks. The problem I’m having is trying to use the same gear tooth, as in the primary gear, for the secondary (Pic. 1). As you know, the secondary gear is not your conventional looking gear shape and therefore I can’t generate the gear teeth like I did the primary gear.


      Pic. 2 also shows the way the gears should be aligned and mate.


      I have also tried the 3D Sketch tool and extrude but it didn’t provide reasonable results. Please can anyone suggest any solution to copying and creating the primary gear tooth for the Secondary gear?


      My appreciation in advance. Thanks.  



      EDIT: My apologies for not providing the specifications. I have now included this in the Drawing provided in the attach files (Primary and Secondary Gear). Thanks.


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