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    web add in - "unsupported file type"

    Carl Sommer



      I'm currently building a website (visual studio 2013, dot net 4, VB on windows 8) to allow people to view drawings.


      I'm attempting to use the edrawings active x control, but have come across a problem / issue. When opening the page I get a message saying "unsupported file type", then my webpage opens and displays the edrawings viewer.


      So, the first and obvious question is does the active x support the extension ".SLDPRT"?


      my code is:



      <OBJECT ID="EV" classid="clsid:22945A69-1191-4DCF-9E6F-409BDE94D101" width="100%" height="600px" >

      <PARAM name="FullUI" value="24"/>









      <param name="FileName" value="~/images/pic.SLDprt"/>