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    using an entity (face) from a drawing within a part API

    Dave Branco

      I am stuck on something here.  I am trying to select an entity within a partdoc which I have gotten from a drawing.


      I get an array of faces from a drawing view using


           vFaces = drView.GetVisibleEntities(Comp, swViewEntityType_Face)


      "ent" is one entity within that array.  then once I am in the partdoc i am trying to use


           boolstatus = ent.Select4(True, selData)


      where seldata comes from the selectionmanager of the partdoc


      and although boolstatus returns a value of true... nothing is selected in the part, but it looks like it is selected in the drawing... so obviously an entity taken from a drawing is specific to the drawing.


      the strangest thing is I CAN use


      and that works (selects it in the part) and then I can create the feature i want (which happens to be an offset surface) but that corrupts the model somehow and I am unable to save the document afterward.


      Does anyone know how to get a face entity from a drawing and use it properly in a part??


      Thanks in advance,