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Need help with a very freeform part

Question asked by Jeff Fine on Mar 7, 2014

I've struggled with this for several hours now, and must admit, I need help in dealing with parts like this.


What I have is a part generated from surfaces.  I need to make a plug from this shape so that I can make a mold for it.  The part is several feet from the origin, and doesn't have a single flat, streight or orthagonal component on it.  What I need help on is two things:


1.  To fill in the space between the two flanges, thus forming a large solid that I can subtract from a larger block to make the plug


2.  How to deal with the User Coordinate System, and make it the dominant CS for the part.  Getting this just in the same location as the block to subtract it from was unnecessarily complicated.


Any help on this would be apreciated.