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How to "revolve" with planar and non planar surface

Question asked by Matthew Kubiak on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by Kevin Pymm


I am trying to "revolve" a dimple on the outside of a cylinder. Right now I have a circle (Arc 1 in Pictures) of radius R1 sketched distance X away from the cylinder, and a circle (Edge 1 in pictures)of Radius R2 projected onto the surface of the cylinder. Simply put, I want to fill the region between the circle and the projection.


I have tried several methods:


A normal revolve, but since the outside of the cylinder is not planar there is a gap on the sides.


A normal revolve with extrusion going past the surface of the cylinder, however, the wall of my cylinder is too thin so part of the revolve pops through the inside.


Revolving a triangle to follow Edge 1, but it ends up being wavy and uneven



I was told using surfacing tools may be the solution, has anyone done something like this before? And if so what is the simplest way to solve this?



I have attached pictures of the model as well as the drawing from which I am modelling. Thank you,

Matt K