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Losing the "Configure Component" Window after editing Toolbox component

Question asked by Dominic Theriault on Mar 7, 2014

Good day everyone!


A while ago I created a toolbox component using the Toolbox configuration wizard. At the time, I copied a ANSI flat washer file, renamed it and changed the sizes and custom properties so it would reflect the ASTM F436 Type 1 flat washers standards and populate custom properties we use in our bill of materials. I remember doing all this with the toolbox wizard.


Today I was trying to either edit this file to have the Type 3 dimensions or to copy/paste and edit it. It seems that as soon as I modify the file I lose the "Configure Component" window when inserted in an assembly. I also noticed that when I go back to "Configuring" the component with the toolbox browser, the configuration tables are gone.


I also notice that the wizard is quite unstable. One time out of two. I add a size but it doesn't add to the configuration table. Sometimes I do modifications but the "save" icon is greyish as if I didn't modify anything (I have passwords on but I do log in before doing my modifications) thus not allowing me to save my modifications...


Is there something I'm doing wrong?


Using SW 2013 SP.2