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Pack-n-Go is bringing a higher level assembly...

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by Dwight Livingston

Hello SolidWorkers...


I am working with a team without PDM. (yikes)


We have a Top Level Assy stored on a network "Master" folder.  Each of us owns a sub assy that we post at milestones in the design process using Pack-N-Go.  We also have local copies of the TLA so as not to disturb the "Master Assembly."  The TLA on the network seems to generally handle the replacements fine.  My problem is that my sub assy tends to drag my local TLA with it during a Pack-n-Go.  I had an idea of what could possible have an upward pointing reference (another sub-assy supplied by a 3rd party) so I deleted that sub as a test, but the PnG still is grabbing the TLA (and the deleted sub)


I know this will become a problem because one of the designers will be changing the TLA and I don't want to risk overwriting that work...


How can I find out what the external refs are and find the culprit?


Thanks !