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    COSMOS report format

    Brett Pond
      I would like to specify the order in which COSMOS spits out thecategories you select when defining a Report.  Is suchmodification possible?  

      I can't seem to find a report template file to modify.  I'mcurrently taking the default Report format and modifying itmanually, which is rather tedious.  Any suggestions?
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          genexxer genexxer
          I actually came in tonight to rant specifically on this subject. Since 1990 I have used various report design tools such as "report designer" from clipper and "sql*plus" from oracle. It is so frustrating that Cosmos/Works, a tool I use every single day, has no real way to customize reports so all the information contained in the results is laid out in a customizable repeatable way. I need reports comparing results from multiple studies in one report. Cosmos works supports running multiple studies but not documenting the results. Inconsistent! Really important result parameters are not even easily retrievable by the current report definer.

          Example: "Modal mass" is an essential result to communicate to my loudspeaker design colleagues. Where is it? two places. In the .cwr file and in the .out file. Since I cannot hack into the .cwr file to extract things like that into a report consistently, I have to mine into the .out file, sift through the information there then cut and paste the ancient formatted .out file content into the canned cosmos works report.

          .out files should be eliminated and the report tool should be re-tooled so every piece of data is retrievable. Obviously, some solidworks program manager decided it wasn't in the budget-we're in last place in reporting anyway why change, right? Ansys has such a nice report tool it makes me cry. The report code was scabbed into cosmos/works a few releases back from a third party in Europe. Cosmos/works coders wouldn't know how to enhance it even if they were told to do it by you and me because they didn't write it.

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              SolidWorks Corp
              We are in the process of re-evaluating our report builder from scratch so any constructive suggestions would be appreciated and timely. Interestingly, there aren't many enhancement requests other than generic "allow customization" comments. We rely on these to prioritize development work so if you want your opinion to count, that's the place to express it.

              We would like to hear what specifically you'd like to see and how you'd like to see it. Enhancement requests get noticed! If you also want to cc me on these, I'll keep them with the notes for that project and make sure they don't slip thru the cracks.

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              genexxer genexxer
              Upon reading Vince's plea for enhancement requests, I made one detailing what a real report designer tool would do. Did you see it, Vince?
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                  Jamie Myrhum

                  I was wondering if you could post your report format for other forum members to see. I'd like to comment and maybe send a second enhancement request to back yours up. I'm in full agreement that the report tool needs to be upgraded.

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                      genexxer genexxer
                      I should clarify that I made an enhancement request. The format is a laborious work in progress that I have to start from scratch each time I report on a family of studies.
                      The most complete I ever get is side by side comparisons of fringe plots, xy plots, 2D drawings of models and other static text cut in from individual reports from each study. This is the mind numbing reality of doing real post processing with cosmos works.

                      Please SRAC, please! Your competition is beating you to a pulp!