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    Best tools for learning ePDM?

    Derek Yegian

      My firm has recently purchased ePDM and I've been tasked as the administrator.  What suggestions would you have to learn how to setup and manage EPDM?  I'm thinking along the lines of books (eg something similar to SolidWorks Bible but for ePDM), on-line tutorials (either from SW or 3rd party like SolidProfessor, Javelin, etc.), or in person training?  We currently have/use workgroup PDM so will migrate that over to ePDM as well.

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          Michael Dekoning



          To my knowledge there are no current books. There are a few EPDM lessons in SolidProfessor but focused on end user training. My suggestion is to take the EPDM Administration course from a VAR.

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            Joy Garon



            As Mike noted, your best course of action is to take a class from your VAR.

            The class will include Training manuals written by SolidWorks that will guide you through the basics and most commonly used features. The product has a learning curve that varies from person to person based on their experience with PDM.

            I have been working with the product since 2007 and I still learn new methods of doing things.

            This forum is a great source to augment the foundation you will receive in training.


            Good Luck, Joy

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              Scott McFadden

              Like it has been said, the best books/manuals are what you get when you take a training coarse from your VAR.

              When my company installed PDM, our VAR trained all of us on how to use it.  Complete with manuals.  Then those of us that were administrators were trained in an admin coarse.  Not to mention the VAR should show up at your company and help you install the software.  You should not be left hung out to dry with this.

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                Steven Smith

                Also, check out the administration guide in the ePDM Help section. I found that to be a great help over and above the training manuals.

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                  Brian McEwen

                  I feel your pain, or the pain you are about to have. I tried to prepare ahead of getting the software installed, and that is really hard to do. Once you get EPDM in your hands a lot more things make sense - so do that as early as possible and you can test it in a sandbox vault. If you do want to prepare you can look through the forums, read the Getting Started.pdf and parts of Administratation Guide.pdf (500 pages, get it from your VAR in advance), and look through the help files.


                  The 3 day Admin training is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no way to retain all that and add more knowledge if you don't practice it in your test vault. Each component is simple, but learning the idiosyncrasies of EPDM and putting it all together is a beast.


                  My advice is make sure you have some time to learn built in to your implementation schedule.

                  1) Install the software.

                  2) 3 day Admin training (include as many Admins, CAD Editors or Contributors as have time and desire to learn, even if they will not be real admins it helps them understand, and they can help with testing).

                  3) Configure your vault - play around with the software (as an Admin and a user) for 2 months at the least (4 is much better, and plan for even more if you have an ambitious workflow or lots of users). If anyone gripes about this tell them it will save time in the long run, PDM is worth doing right.  

                  4) migrate files to vault (ideally with VAR help).

                  5) end user training (1 day CAD Editor/Contributor training provided by VAR, plus you will probably train your Viewer users yourself);

                  6) final testing.

                  7) launch.


                  We installed in December and we still have not launched (we have ~6 SolidWorks seats), and that is a blessing. At this point I'm waiting on IT issues, migration, and end user training. I'm mostly happy with our vault but still tweaking it.