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    How to Rotate a Detail View solidworks 2013

    Paul Dobson



      i need to rotate a detail view on my drawing. i hit the rotate view button and it tells me "a detail view cannot be rotated". why is this so?


      i have tried going to Tools-Align Drawing View and want to hit Break Alignment but it is not highlighted?


      i have found pleanty of talk about this in previous versions of Soildworks and i am suprised this issue hasnt been resolved.


      Please HELP!



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          Glenn Schroeder

          Welcome to the forum.  I doubt that you will ever be able to rotate a Detail View.  I would suggest deleting the Detail View and inserting a drawing view of the whole model at the same scale as the detail view.  You can then rotate it as you want and crop it to show the section you want.


          And I'm curious.  Why would you want a Detail View rotated and not the parent view?