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    Irregular Facets

    Jonas Buck

      Hi there,

      I'm trying to build a curved geometry that consists of irregular planar surfaces.


      I've created a curved surface as a guiding surface and then started with a 3D Sketch. In the 3D sketch I constrained each point of the facets to be on the guide surface and then constrained the facet to be planar through additional centerlines.

      Is there an easier way to create those planar surfaces (e.g. constraining 5 corner points to be on a plane that is not along x, y or z)?


      After creating the 3D sketch the next step would be to fill the surfaces.

      I would like to use the planar surface fill, yet the contour select does not allow me to select specific segments out of the 3Dsketch.

      A work around would be to create for each facet a new sketch and to copy the specific sketch entities but that seems very tedious.


      Any suggestions on how to fill the surfaces?


      Thanks for your help,


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          Jerry Steiger



          I don't use 3D sketches much and I am surprised that you can't pick individual edges. I suspect that you may have to build your master 3D sketch, then make individual 3D sketches for each face, using Convert Entities from the master.


          I would use Fill Surfaces rather than Planar Surfaces. You still get a flat face, but the Fill lets you automatically merge each face with its predecessors.


          Jerry S.

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              Jonas Buck

              Hi Jerry,

              thanks for your reply. Yes the convert entities is a possible work around, but since I have probably 200 of those individual facets it would be very tedious to do a aketch and convert entities for each facet.

              The best solution I've found so far, is to use boundary surfaces since that allows me to use the selection manager and select single segments of the master 3D sketch. Going this route I still need to do a surface knit at the end.

              Does anybody know why there is no selection manger for surface fill?

              Any other suggestions on how to build the irregular planar facets more efficiently?