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easy way to save body from an Assembly

Question asked by Marco Gigante on Mar 5, 2014
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Do someone knows an easy/fast way to save a body from a part that has been modified in an assembly?


My problem is that many parts got to be modified once inside an assembly (in an assembly I can study the iteraction of my part with other objects so that I'll want to modify it with the "assembly features" ), but solidworks don't let me save them separately for a 3D printing/cam processing (don't let me save them in STL format or DXF/DWG).


Actually I finded a trik to do this task but it's not immediate:


  1. save the assembly in a part (*.sldasm> *.sldprt)
  2. open the new *.sldprt and select the body you are insterested in
  3. right clic on it and save it in a new part
  4. open this new part and save it in the required format (for example STL)


I dont like this way of proceeding because it's to slow, make me create a lot of extra files and more important don't create relation between original assembly and the saved new parts.


Does exist another way to do it? instead of Macro?


Thanks a lot!

Marco Gigante