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How do you get a bend to unbend in a flat pattern when it bent in the model to start with?

Question asked by Cindyb Brown on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by Bernie Daraz

I have a part that I have made twice once as an extruded part then made it a sheet metal part and once I started as a sheet metal part. I made both flat then added bends.

I have a tab on the bottom where part of the tab bends up and a center part stays flush with the tab as it bends. I was able to bend the part perfectly and the model appears the way I needed it to but the problem is that when you go to the flat pattern configuration it shows an error stating it can not unbend part. It will however, flatten out the other bends if I suppress the bend on the tab with the center cutout. Any suggestions? I need this part to show in both states for the drawings.

Flat Pattern Tab.JPG