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Non-uniform force/pressure - units messed up?

Question asked by A. Telet on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hi all,


I happily admit that the UI for applying non-uniform force/pressure is not working well along with my brains, and this together with lack of possibility(?) to verify total loads applied to a face, make me uncertain about the whole aspect of applying loads by this feature. Now I also have this nagging feeling that the units are playing me a trick as well - so now I consider baking bread instead of calculating stress levels and deflections....


I have a 24000mm long structure that shall have linearely varying load beginning with -125N/mm at one end, through zero at midspan, and +125N/mm at the oposite end

(This shall create a moment about the centre of 1,2e10 Nmm = 12000kNm)

I create a coordinate system in the centre of the structure to have the +/- values of the load, but how should the formula/equation for applying correct force look like? And how can i check/verify that the applied (sum of) loads are correct for e.g. each face?

I have tried all variations for "equations" for non-uniform force/pressure I can think of, but the results are so ridicilously far from expected that I suspect there is some flaw in the input load unit / model unit handling.


Anyone exprienced something similar?

I do hope Solidworks come up with a better interface for applying non-uniform loads, and possibility to verify applied load to each face.... Unless someone can enlighten me beyond all my problems here