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Custom property containing <$PRP:"..."> as a value is read only??

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by Terry Raymond

On my drawing template, I have a custom property with value $PRP:"Date"




Sometimes I want to hide the date, so I blank the property, set it's value to " " (space).  This works fine when manually editing the custom properties inside Solidworks.


However, when I try to get EPDM to blank that property, it does not work.  It blanks it in the datacard, but does not push the blank into the solidworks file.

When I rebuild, the datacard updates to match the evaluated value of the custom property ("01 jan 01").

Its like there is a safety built into EPDM to not overwrite any custom properties containing $PRP... =/


Any ideas for how to blank this property with EPDM?  Thanks!



Also -

Curiously, if I used EPDM to set the property to $PRP:"Date", it shows just like that in the datacard.  And it can be overwritten by EPDM.

But after solidworks rebuild the datacard updates to evaluate the $PRP..., and then EPDM can't overwrite it again.