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    Will EPDM 2014 SP2 run on Vista?

    Todd Puckett

      I'm hoping to find out if anyone has tried runing EPDM 2014 on a computer with the Vista OS.  Before you answer I've already read the official notice that 2014 no longer supports XP or Vista. We have a large number of web client users that still have Vista, updating them will be very expensive and time consuming only to use the latest version of EPDM.  


      We are running EPDM 2013 SP5.  When I try to install 2013 on an XP computer it will not let me. 

      When we install EPDM 21014 on a Vista computer it installs without any errors.

      There have been previous versions of EPDM that were documented as not supporting a specific OS but they installed and worked well.  I am hoping this could be the case with EPDM 2014 and Vista.

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          Jeff Sweeney

          I think you answered your own question?


          The issue is that it is not supported. You'll likely get no help if you have any issues, even if you think the issue is not OS related.


          Sounds like you are up against a wall, install it and test, test, test before you roll it out.


          Don't be surprised it a future installer ends up forbidding the upgrade, you're running on borrowed time.

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              Todd Puckett


              Thanks for your input.  I suspect Vista will work with EPDM 2014 but was hoping someone that has upgraded could verify.  I don't really have the time to setup a full test environment.  I might check with our VAR to see if they have a working 2014 Web server that I can try to connect to.


              Good point about support and upgrades.  If it does work I guess I'll hope our rare need for client support continues.