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Helix: pitch can't exceed 200,000mm

Question asked by Zach Martin on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

This is a gripe/feature request more than a question.


I'm designing a spiral staircase, and at the bottom of the stairs the curve goes nearly straight.  Of course nearly straight implies a curve with very high radius, in this case 62 000mm.  The resulting helix requires a Height of 1284mm and Revolutions - 0.00626.  That means the implied Pitch is ~205,000mm.   The problem is the Helix feature seems to max out the Pitch at 200,000mm.  When I created the feature it automatically reduced my Height to 1252mm (without alerting me) and after I discovered the problem and tried to correct that value, it immediately changes the value back to 1252.


In this case I am only slightly above the limit, so I can tweak my design a small amount so that my pitch is less than 200,000.


Still, why should there be a limit?  Seems like an arbitrary and unnecessary limitation on design freedom.  Why not 500,000?  Are we running out of numbers after 200,000?