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Thumbnails and preview in explorer win7

Question asked by Sean Devanney on Mar 5, 2014

Problem with thumbnail view and preview in explorer. I have 2013 and 2014 installed. Recently the 2014 thumbnail view changed to the SW icon. I run 2013 and thumbnails and preview are normal. all options in both versions match. Both use the same sldwinshellextu.dll dated 1-11-2014 in common files. It seems that only the .slddrw files actually show a thumbnal and preview. If I set thumbnail option on or off in 2014 it all remains the same. I backed up the reg sw2014 and startef 2014 to rebuild the reg and no change. Any ideas?


Well, I installed svcpk 5.0 for 2013 and the thumbnails and preview revived in 2014.but thumbnails are blank in 2013 but the preview works. Go figure.