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Render Clear Acrylic (PMMA, Plexiglass) in PhotoView 360?

Question asked by Henrik Enkel Larsson on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Ron Bates


I am trying to render clear acrylic in PV360, but so far I have not really reach any result I am satisfied with. Since 90 % of the product we make is from this particular material it is a frequent request. I saw there was an old topic on this, with old versions, and also not really answerd, so I give it another shot. Using SW 2013.


While searching the internet for help I found the solution for the rendering software Keyshot:


Use a Gem stone material, or dielectric material:

Refraction index 1.5 (1.489)

Abbe number 34 (this option I cannot find in PV360)


And then increase raybounces to something between 20-64 (depending if there is still black spots on the edges.


See attached picture for inspiration, that one is created in Keyshot with above settings.

Plexiglass_Keyshot_64 raybounces.jpg


Your help will be appreciated!