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changing title of colomn

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by Peter De Vlieger

I do hope someone can help.


I'm trying to create a BOM for fasteners when using smart fasteners (Toolbox). All works well except for one thing and that is some of the titles in the BOM are not what I need them to be. The reason being that they have to be the standard names of the property in Toolbox. In other words, the columns 'standard' and 'specification' seem to have to stay that because those are the Toolbox properties that one can use to fill out the table.


The reason I want them different is because the rest of the table I can and have to put in Dutch but those column titles can't. Will people understand what is meant by them, sure but it just looks unprofessional, clunky, cheap. And no, there's no Dutch language support in SW.


Does anyone have a suggestion how to solve it easily, consistently without having to have user interaction each and everytime ?

Or are we just better of to just put all column titles in English and having the cell content in the table in Dutch and just ignore it that it looks cheap?


How do you, if you don't use one of the supported languages  (English, French, German, Portugese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese,Japanese, Korean, Czech, Polish, Russian, Turkish) deal with it?