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    Would like to implement my own copy&paste

    Ramon F. Herrera

      I am just a novice, but I am itching to develop something non-trivial that would add value to our internal software arsenal.


      Our clients send us drawings in PDF, they are printed out and the SolidWorks users begin designing the 3D parts and assembly.


      I figure that the following can be developed


      (1) An Acrobat plugin that implements a rubberband rectangle a copies its content to the Windows "copy&paste" buffer.


      (2) A SolidWorks Macro/Addin which would take the set of lines from the buffer and paste them into the sketch.


      We have all the expertise in (1), almost nothing in (2).



      See a sample region below:


      3-5-2014 9-08-50 AM.png