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Trouble Patterning a Swept Feature

Question asked by Shane Tully on Mar 5, 2014
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Not sure what i am doing wrong but i have done this before on a different part but for some reason no matter what i try it won't work on the part i am working on now, what i am trying to accomplish is a profile swept cut using a 2D arc as a path and a 3D spline as a guided curve first off the only way i can get this cut to work is a profile sweep with fallow Path (solid sweep would work better for what i am trying to do but just cant get it to work, any how now that i have a cut made i try to do a circular pattern of the feature and if i try to do it with a geometry Pattern it will show a preview but when i hit ok it will throw up an error saying "the selected features could not be patterned using a geometry pattern. deselect the geometry pattern check box." no big deal so i uncheck the box and try again then i get the message "Pattern for a sweep with guide curve is not currently supported without the geometry pattern option, try using the geometry pattern option". we make lots of parts with this type of profile and i would like to model them in so that i can use our CAM package to machine them, right now i program them manually at the machine and it is very cumbersome. I will attatch some pictures.



Not Sure what i am doing different/wrong in this part but here are the photos of the part i am having trouble with!Screenshot 2014-03-05 06.38.04.pngScreenshot 2014-03-05 06.38.29.pngScreenshot 2014-03-05 06.38.39.pngScreenshot 2014-03-05 06.40.40.pngScreenshot 2014-03-05 06.40.49.png



The Ones Below are the ones from tha part that i got it to work on!

Screenshot 2014-03-05 06.43.28.pngScreenshot 2014-03-05 06.43.34.pngScreenshot 2014-03-05 06.43.51.pngScreenshot 2014-03-05 06.44.05.png