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How do I suppress a Mate in a Motion Study?

Question asked by Douglas Kimber on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by Jared Conway

I'm using SW 2014 and I'm trying to learn Motion Analysis. I'm following advice from the forums to "crawl, walk, run", and so started with a simple two element model with a frame and a crank.While I was doing this model I ran into a problem I don't understand. In the model I added a perpendicular mate to locate the two links at a known position. I suppress/unsuppress this mate to reset position when needed. However, if I start a motion analysis study with the mate unsuppressed, and then suppress it in the motion analysis, the analysis fails, I get 1 redundant mate, and it falls apart. If I creat a new motion study after suppressing the mate in the model, everything works fine. Is there a reason mate suppression does not work in motion analysis? Am I doing something wrong? At first blush this seems like a SW bug to me. This image shows the issue:



The mate is clearly suppressed, yet it shows up as redundant in the analysis, and when you first run the analysis you get an error (which you should get if the mate is active, since I'm using a motor to rotate the crank around the hole where it is mated to the frame).