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    How much data is TOO much data to manage in EPDM?

    Drew Adams

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm looking at consolidating our file systems so that all of our job/project data lives in the same place.  The thought was to have all of our design data live in the EPDM vault.  This would include customer specs, graphics, and other files on top of our CAD data.  However, we generate this data at a rate of about a terabyte a week.   Is this simply too much to manage using EPDM? 


      If anybody has advice for dealing with such a large amount of data, backing it up, etc, I would love too hear it!





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          Ravi Teja

          1TB Per Week ? How many concurrent users are we talking here?


          With suitable server specs this amount of dataa can be handled by EPDM.


          I would suggest an Incremental type of backup .this will occupy less space but will take longer time to restore in case needed.


          How many individual Files are created per week?


          Also there is cold storage feature that can help you save some space.











          Ravi  T

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              Drew Adams

              We have ~ 30 SolidWorks users, and then another 30 Project Managers, Graphics Techs etc.  So about 60 users in total that would be creating project data that I'd like to store in teh vault.  Thousands of files are created each week. 


              I am familiar with the cold storage feature, and the Incremental backup strategy sounds good.  It's just we produce a lot of data, and I want to make sure I'm handling it the best way possible.  Whether it's using EPDM or just our regular server.  I'd like to manage it all in one place if possible....  Not sure if that's realistic though, due to he huge amount of files we crank out.


              Thanks for the Advice Ravi!  Any other suggestions?



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                  Todd Puckett



                  I don't know the best answer to your question but I can tell you about our experience. 

                  We have 60+ users accessing multiple vaults with about 3 TB of data total and it works very well. 


                  In the past we noticed performance degradation when we had an excessive number of folders at any one level.  A few years ago it was suggested to us by SW support that we try to avoid having more than 50 folders on one level, I don't know if this is still the case but was very helpful.  We also use cold storage to permanently remove old versions on data that is no longer actively used.


                  You will definitely want to use separate servers for the database and the file vault. Server 2012 and SQL 2012 are both fully supported on EPDM 2014 which might help with performance when dealing with large amounts of data and transactions.

                  Accommodating 50 TB a year may be your biggest challenge.


                  - Todd